The Slamdunk Film Festival invaded Main Street for a third straight year providing yet another alternative for rejected indie filmmakers to show their work in Park City, Utah. Slamdunk is best known for showing Nick Broomfield’s “Kurt & Courtney” in 1998 after Sundance dropped it from its lineup because Courtney Love threatened legal action against the film. These guys do have balls. ^ There were some great highlights this year, such as “The Independent” and “H.R. Pukenshette,” otherwise, some very forgettable films played at Slamdunk. ^ The real problem with Slamdunk is one of identity — what is this festival about? What does it stand for? Slamdance supports alternative films and is put on by filmmakers. NoDance champions digital filmmaking. But it’s really difficult to tell exactly what Slamdunk stands for, other than screening the filmmakers rejected from the other alternative festivals. Until Slamdunk solves this identity crisis and embarks on a clear mission, they will remain a “rejected” festival showing average to mediocre work.
[ FEATURE FILMS ] ^ [ Chump Change ] BEST COMEDY and BEST SCREENPLAY ^ Dinner and A Movie ^ Morning ^ [ Green Diggity Dog ] AUDIENCE AWARD ^ North Beach ^ See Jane Run ^ The Ragu Incident ^ Red Dirt ^ The Wedding Cow ^ [ The Independent ] BEST FEATURE
[ SHORT FILMS ] ^ Bag Boy ^ Billy Jones ^ Deception ^ Editing is Everything ^ [ Fly Trap ] BEST SHORT (tie) ^ [ The Future of Art ] BEST ANIMATED SHORT ^ H.R. Pukenshette ^ In the Company of Agents ^ Jack and Jill ^ Jesus and Hutch ^ [ Last Request ] BEST SHORT (tie) ^ The Ballad of Little Roger Mead ^ Meemo ^ Mirror ^ Note Come Due ^ The Office Party ^ Quiero Morir ^ Side Splitters ^ Somewhere Else ^ SUV Driving Lady ^ Vigilance ^ [ The Fall of Knipple ] BEST USE OF A SLAMMIE ^ Clown Karma
Note to Filmmakers: If your film did not receive a review in our Slamdunk 2001 wrap up, please just send us a copy on video and we will be sure to get it covered on the site. ^ Your pals at Film Threat
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