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By Admin | December 10, 2003

“Away In A Trailer” (USA, 7 min., Narrative, 2003) The spirit of Christmas is dragged kicking and screaming into a trailer park in Sweet Home, Oregon. Directed by Phil Lantis.
“Crabwalk” (USA, 17 min., Narrative, 2003) In this comedy, A 26-year-old unemployed college grad, still living at home, is given a final $20 allowance by his parents. His first day of trying to be a grown-up is a series of bittersweet and darkly comical mishaps. Directed by Jeremy Saulnier.
“Danceland” (Canada, 22 min., Narrative, 2003) A hermit rebuilds his childhood schoolhouse, an aging wrestler battles a deteriorating body, the world’s best dancer wins a pair of ruby encrusted tap shoes in this travelogue of the American West. Directed by Jeffrey Moneo.
“Employee Dang” (USA, 27 min., Narrative, 2003) A Vietnamese immigrant in the dry cleaning business finds himself at odds with his clientele of black gangstas. When a large sum of money goes missing, he suspects his American-born daughter of theft. Directed by Corey Fortune.
The Fine Art of Poisoning (USA, 6 min., Animation, 2002) A mood-piece on the theme of plotting revenge, with gothic imagery rendered in 2D, 3D and hand drawn animation, combined with still photography. Directed by Bill Domonkos.
“The Flag Day Parade” (USA, 12 min., Documentary, 2003) Did North Carolinian Jim Martin put dynamite in the town mayor’s driveway? An intimate look at the surprising and contradictory inner world of a man who puts on a Confederate Flag parade. Directed by Curtis Gaston.
“Free” (USA, 8 min., Narrative, 2002) A 10-year-old boy catches a trout in the Provo, Utah River and takes it for a pet. But keeping a fish alive in captivity is quite a chore. Told from the fish’s point of view. Directed by Todd Maetani.
“Freestyle” (USA, 26:22 min., Documentary, 2003) A look at a new competitive dog sport called “Musical Canine Freestyle” or dancing with dogs and its colorful practitioners of all ages who hope to take it all the way to the Olympics. Directed by Elena Elmoznino.
“Habana Holiday” (“Yo Soy Malo,” USA, 5 min., 2003) An American tourist in Havana takes his DV camera into the local demimonde of male hustlers, and ends up answering some pointed questions. Directed by Chris Maher.
“Ladies Room” (USA, 14 min., Experimental, 2003) Serious, comical, sexy and satirical, the goings-on in a place where men aren’t allowed reveal aspects of what it’s like to be a woman. Directed by Kate Bernstein.
“Live Bait” (USA, 7.2 min., Animation, 2003) A starving fisherman is saved by three bird women and their island of instant gratification. Directed by Sarah Brown.
“The Love Ballad of Scarab Hack” (USA, 14 min., Narrative) A lonely troll woman living in the modern world decides to grow herself a man. But he turns out to be deformed and she rejects him only to find that love, once created, is not so easily destroyed. Directed by Javier Bonafont.
“MalaQueerche: Queer Punk Rock Show” (USA, 26 min., Narrative, 2003) When the Mullet gang kidnaps the Mohawks’ drummer and punctures their tires with butt-plugs, the Mohawks must enlist an army of Queerions and a D**e March to reclaim their rightful Punk Rock Stardom. Directed by Sarah Adorable, Devon Devine.
“Model Prisoner” (USA, 8 min., Documentary, 2003) The extremes of dehumanization in the prison system are examined in this look at the Visible Human Project, which consists of slicing and photographing nearly 2000 millimeter-thick sections of the body of an executed prisoner. Directed by Katherin McInnis.
“Old Glory” (USA, 7 min., Documentary, 2003) This satirical look at the role of the “Stars and Stripes” in post-9/11 culture is a survey of nouveau-patriot fashion statements and good old-fashioned jingoistic attitudes. Directed by Andy Schocken.
“Oxford Cowboy” (Great Britain, 24 min., Narrative, 2003) Brash, loud, idealistic and relentlessly enthusiastic, a visiting American student can’t understand why English students don’t like him. Directed by Cath Gulick.
“Particle Valentine” (USA, 4 min., Animation, 2003) Abstract animation tells a symbolic tale that involves an orgy of butterflies and the cycle of life. Directed by Christine Dunn.
“Requiem” (USA, 3 min., Animation, 2003) A Japanese woman’s true story of her older brother’s final visit home before going off to fight and die in World War II.. Directed by Roger Oda.
“Revelations #1” (USA, 6.5 min., Animation, 2003) A sweet but brainy meditation on life, love and such, influenced by channel and web surfing, apparently. Directed by Gerald Lewis.
“Stand By” (USA, 9 min., Narrative, 2003) When the conversation at an Italian family barbeque strikes a particularly raw nerve, Johnny and his mother must face the uncomfortable truth about their relationship as mother and gay son. Directed Tony Osso.
“Tackle Box” (USA, 10.5 min., Narrative, 2003) When an elderly woman with a passion for fishing passes away there are strange and lingering effects on the Low country waters where she and her husband spent many happy hours. Directed by Matthew Mebane.
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