By Eric Campos | December 19, 2001

Party at your place getting out of hand? Waving a gun in the air not doing anything to disperse the crowd? Well, all you gotta do is pop this tape on and you’ll find yourself lonesome real quick. This is in no way an endorsement.
Skitzo is a metal band led by Lance Ozanix, a guy who takes to puking on willing women on stage. Most of this shot on video docu-gross-out is jam-packed with shot after shot of Lance puking green slime on the exposed breasts of some rather beastly looking females. At certain points, even the guys get on stage to puke on Lance only to have Lance puke right back into their mouths. Sickening, yes. Retarded, definitely.
This video also includes interviews with his friends and families, mostly declaring what a good guy Lance is. This is also where we find out that since a fairly early age, Lance discovered his ability to make himself puke at will, so he decided to help it turn him into a rock star. Before he hits the stage, he drinks a bunch of green slime crap in order to spew it all over his adoring public…and adore him they do.
A couple of music videos are thrown in for songs with titles like “Cellulite Cellular Bitch” and “Toolbox Murders”. The production of these videos is of the Mentors quality and the music is even worse. The music that El Duce and the Mentors banged out was crumby at best, but at least it was funny. Skitzo is just plain drek. But hey, don’t just take it from me. You know what cup of tea fits your tastes. If you love atrocious garage metal and puke, then this little video may just be the jewel in the crown of your collection.

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