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By Dr. Rhonda Baughman | February 6, 2004

Sweet Jesus – I mean, really … someone just needs to do the world a favor and take Peter Kirby’s camera away. Far, far away. 

This video is exactly what the title suggests: skating and um, things. Random things, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, that have no meaning. There are two, virtually split second shots, of cute girls in this video. I have no idea why Kirby didn’t have them get naked and do something … or at the very least, keep his painfully jumpy camera movements aimed at them … since I can say, without a doubt, watching this movie proved to be the l-o-n-g-e-s-t six minutes of my entire life.

I could videotape my friends skateboarding, but I don’t. I could record the drunken antics of my friends, but I don’t. I could show them how not to make a documentary, but I don’t. Know why? I know better and Peter Kirby already did it all for us.

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