By Chris Gore | January 26, 1998

In 1957 a nuclear holocaust leaves the world devastated and Elvis is crowned king. Years later, the king dies and the world’s rock n’ roll inhabitants, still stuck in the fifties, travel to Lost Vegas to fight for the throne. Out of the post-apocalypse comes “Buddy” who looks strangely similar to Buddy Holly. With a six string and a sword, he battles his way across the desolate plains on his quest with a young boy in tow.
“Six String Samurai” is pure cinematic enjoyment. Lead actor Jeffrey Falcon has been studying martial arts for 20 years and has been in 17 Hong Kong action films. This isn’t simply a film; it’s a series of films, a cartoon show, a comic book, a line of action figures, a video game, and soon to be a huge franchise. Based on this powerful action film debut, Lance Mungia should be directing Jeffrey Falcon as a Jedi knight in the second Star Wars film prequel. “ssS” definitely was the talk of Slamdance and shows that there is hope. “ssS” won both the cinematography and editing award for Slamdance.

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