Who’d have thought that Ivan Reitman could make a better romantic comedy with Harrison Ford than Sydney Pollock? It helps that Anne Heche could produce on-screen chemistry with a rock (maybe even Schwarzenegger). With the oh, so original idea of city girl crash landing on a deserted island with a grizzled old pilot (Ford actually cops to his age in the movie), Reitman shamelessly steals scenes from his favorite movies (“Butch Cassidy…”, “From Here to Eternity”, “Indiana Jones…”, and probably 20 others I can’t remember) to surprisingly good effect. The film loses a star for the pirates that show up a couple of times in the movie for action scenes. David Schwimmer, our whiny friend, is used to good effect as Heche’s boyfriend.
One last thing: I’m sick of all the s**t about the Heche’s sexual preference, like show business is this big heterosexual utopia. Some idiot TV reporter recently asked Harrison Ford if he was concerned about playing a romantic lead opposite a lesbian. I only wish he’d responded, “What makes you think this is the first time?”

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