Documentaries often focus on people, things and events we are familiar with and want to know more about. This one focuses on a man most people have never heard of, and on the surface one isn’t even sure why he or she should care. What is so interesting about the life and times of John Lamm? He’s not an actor or politician. He didn’t build planes in World War II. He isnÕt a serial killer. So who is he?

Lamm is a man who was once a drug dealer, a junkie, and a murderer. After suffering from massive brain trauma, his life (and outlook on it) changed. This is his story as seen through his eyes and the eyes of his friends. Lamm is no longer confined to a hospital bed. He gets around fine on his own, but it doesnÕt take long to realize he’s operating on a different level than most people. That’s what makes this a fascinating documentary.

People’s lives are often interesting in their own way, and almost everyone has a story to tell. Fortunately for us, Scott M. Phillips decided to tell this man’s story. It won’t drastically alter anyone’s life, but it will give you some insight into the human condition, and maybe — just maybe — change the way you look at those people on the streets.

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