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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 5, 2004

Sometimes, revenge is the best course of action, especially if you’ve just been forced to sit through a screening of “Howard the Duck” due to involvement in revealing plot spoilers of Attack of the Clones. In this final chapter, now making Silent But Deadly an official trilogy, the poor bastard fanboys who were forced to watch that horrid pile of cinematic puke eventually rise from a Duck-induced slumber and escape from the ropes binding them to their chairs. They leave, and hack into the mainframe of Lucasfilm, trying to find where their captors are. It’s time to kick some shiny white a*s!
Along the way, they pick up another unfortunate victim of the beloved Stormtroopers, the crazed fan who was buried up to his neck in sand in Silent But Deadly 2. Now comes the time to decide what to do about their pesky captors and a planning session is called to order, complete with a chart documenting what needs to be done, including the placement of spy cameras around the Stormtroopers’ house.
It seems like a typical set-up for a robbery to take place, but it’s much better than that. For example, the old gag of a person hiding in the shower from someone and eventually being exposed to their farts is resurrected here, in a very new form. Now’s your chance to see a Stormtrooper sitting on the crapper, pumping it out and tooting all the way, causing one fanboy to gag uncontrollably, his eyes rolling back in his head.
Made in a silent film style and sporting beautiful monochromatic color, “Silent But Deadly 3” brings this set of films to a satisfying end, even allowing reflection back on the previous two films that blessed the Internet. What’s always remarkable is the determination of the men to get revenge on these Stormtroopers, but there are quite a few tricks up the sleeves of Jeff Cioletti and Lou Tambone. These guys aren’t going to be able to achieve their goal that quickly.
Looking back on these three films, Silent But Deadly rode smoothly on a tall wave, while the second part stumbled slightly and dropped into the water for a few brief moments. “Silent But Deadly 3” not only gets back on top of that wave, but also uses a rocket-powered surfboard to hover over it, showcasing the skills of two guys who have gotten the hang of what a good Star Wars fan film is. This is consistently entertaining material that will gain more and more fans as the film reaches more people. It had better do that because this is a lot of fun.
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