By Admin | July 10, 2003

The two lovable Stormtroopers (Dion Rupa and Frank Usamanont) from Silent But Deadly are back for the sequel, obviously titled “Silent But Deadly 2”. While this film isn’t as great as the first one, it’s terrific to see these two guys doing what they do best; following Master Lucas’s orders to bring justice to people that piss him off.
This time around, a crazed Star Wars fan is causing disturbances in various places like lines for the Star Wars movies and conventions. Lucas gets wind of it and calls the boys into action, interrupting their vacation at the beach, because what Lucas wants, Lucas apparently gets, as the chase is on!
At one point, the Stormtroopers resort to a method used on the plumbers in part 1, but with that moment taking place at a Star Wars convention where people are standing in line to get an autograph from the guy who played the “Mos Eisley Panhandler”, it works alright. An even better moment involves the crazed fan discovering a form of “Stormtroopers’ Temporary Kryptonite”.
The one major thing that weakens this sequel is the ending, where the punishment invoked on the crazed fan doesn’t seem to fit the crime. Sure it might be convenient because of where the Stormtroopers were at the beginning, but it feels far too easy. I’m sure countless Star Wars fans could think of hundreds of appropriate punishments.
“Silent But Deadly 2” doesn’t quite live up to the comedy of its predecessor, but for all of the light-saber action that hilariously knocks down other SW fans left and right, it’s a decent short.

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