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By Eric Campos | February 13, 2002

This here’s a compilation of five comical sketches shot in video and then turned black and white and made to look like silent films from the 1920’s. The look goes rather well with the pale-faced characters Silas and Mange, dressed in their best 20’s get up, as well as the dialogue cards and piano music. The jokes are cheap and simple, but that also keeps with the 1920’s theme. There was no Richard Pryor back then, so people in the 1920’s didn’t know the real meaning of true comedy.
Even though the 1920’s effect is pulled off effectively, these shorts are basically just more filler. Not to knock it. It’s alright stuff, but it’s also prime material for Tromadance attendees to launch their empty beer bottles at. But this is a good thing. I love going to full contact screenings. Watching something while feeling your life is in jeopardy due to various airborne objects enhances the experience…especially if you’re at a Jessica Tandy restrospect. That “Batteries Not Included” is good stuff.

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