The Sick Puppy Film Festival is warning audiences that the films they plan to screen may offend sensitive moviegoers. Attend this festival at your own risk. Now, upon hearing a warning like that, who in their right mind would want to miss this fest?!
This year’s Sick Puppy Film Festival takes place Friday, February 15th, 2002 at the Red Vic Movie House located at 1727 Haight Street in San Francisco. The line-up of films screening are as bizarre as they come. Or “cum” depending on the film. A quick glance at some of the titles of the films playing along with their descriptions, and you will want to prepare yourself for something definitely different than the usual festival films. Attendees can expect to see some of the strangest underground films making the rounds including:
“Digging Ashley” – A reclusive artist becomes obessed with the woman next door, carrying his affection to the brink of madness in a trgic macabre love story. ^ “Dollface – The Wired Zone” – “Sur-Real” storytelling, pushing the voyeuristic draw of “reality” programming to the bizarre, twisted limits of fiction. ^ “How to Be a Cyber-Lovah” – Fat? Ugly? Shy? Don’t worry, this is the internet! ^ “I Think of You – featuring Roy Schmeck” – Music Video of the Great Roy Schmeck singin about his lyin, cheatin, bitch of an ex-wife. ^ “Senseless Violence” – A claymation Island where the laws are Kill or be Killed. ^ “The Film That John Lennon Couldn’t Make” – The recreation of a film that Yoko Ono, and John Lennon failed to complete. ^ “The Quarterman” – A year after being involved in a paralyzing crash, the star athlete runs into some people from his past. ^ “Undone” – Welcome to L.A.’s underground, where the low lifes struggle to out do the low lifes. ^ “Art Of The Pickup” – After coming off of a long term relationship Steve gets convinced by his good friend, that he can pick up any babe he wants.
Get more info by visiting the official Sick Puppy Film Festival web site.
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