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By Merle Bertrand | April 13, 1998

The most obnoxious, irritating film at the festival. Drake, Nate, Scott, and Tim are a group of slackers who lose their cable when they can’t come up with the cash to pay the bill. They send the hunkiest of the bunch to distract their gay landlord while the rest of them embark on an elaborate commando raid to pirate the landlord’s cable. In the process, they discover a box of cash in the landlord’s attic. So, they go in again and steal the dough. When the landlord discovers the missing money and traces the suspicious new cable line back to his tenants’ pad, the foursome kidnap him and… what?
Here’s where the film either lost me completely or I just tuned it out. Honestly, from this point on, I felt like I was watching about an hour’s worth of headache-inducing filler because nothing happens! Loud and obnoxious – yeah, I’ll use that adjective again – and as stupid as its main characters, “Sick Bastard…” was an ultra waste of time.

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