By Admin | October 26, 1998

Babe Mahler is a typically desperate young actress willing to do just about anything to get some exposure, including going on “Hooked Up,” a sleazy “Dating Game” knock-off that fixes up actors and sends them out on a
date. When Babe claims she was date-raped by her “Hooked Up” co-star, she
decides to approach the “Show and Tell” show, a Sally Jessie-ish white trash fest, to bring her story to the people and, not incidentally, gain a little TV exposure for herself.
This was actually a very good film for awhile. Director Dean Pollack’s set-up is handled well, giving us a comprehensive look at both tabloid TV’s cynical and devious manipulations as well as the anxiety Babe’s decision to go public causes those around her. It’s the conclusion that falters. You can feel the attempt to build chaos and tension but the sparks never quite ignite. Worse yet, everyone, from the scummy TV producers and the entire tabloid TV industry, to Babe herself, gets let off the hook far too easily.
At least those trashy programs, for better or for worse, deliver what they promised. Unfortunately, “Show and Tell” ultimately bails out and plays “Peekaboo” instead.

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