The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) has announced winners of its fourth annual Short Film Showcase competition. David Armstrong, John; Roberto Blasini, Leaving Drew; Ted Chu, Dominant Seventh; Mo Flam, The Transformation; Russell Harper, Hotel Soap; Mark Karen, Children of the Struggle; Harris Zambarloukos, First Daughter and Mario Zavala, Puppies for Sale took top honors. Their films will premiere on Sunday, June 4 at 3:00p.m. at the Directors Guild of America Theater. They will also be showcased at the American Pavilion at the Cannes International Film Festival
“These eight films bode well for the future of our industry,” says Guild National President George Spiro Dibie, ASC. “They are entertaining, engaging and artful, and in each case, the cinematographer played an important role in transforming a script into moving images that tell a story. With all of the hype about technology, it is important to remember that there is a deep reservoir of talented young filmmakers and they are the real future of this industry.”
Dibie says that additional screenings will be slated in New York, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, and Dallas. The competition is open to all ICG members who are not yet rated as directors of photography. The films must be 30 minutes or less. Some 70 entries were judged by a peer group of top cinematographers who evaluated both artistry and execution of craft.
“Film festival juries and media critics traditionally recognize the talent of actors, directors and writers,” says Showcase Chairman Rob Kositchek, Jr. “Cinematography is frequently noticed in passing and is usually taken for granted. It should receive the same scrutiny as the other disciplines of cinema. Cinematography should be judged by the emotions it evokes. It should establish a sense of place and time, amplify moods, and provide a point-of-view that engages the audience in the story. It usually takes other cinematographers to recognize and appreciate the artistic contributions of their peers.”
Dibie says that the competition is designed to provide a showcase for talented members of the ICG who are ready to take the next steps on their career paths. He notes that many young filmmakers join the ICG after completing their education with the idea of learning the craft as camera crew members while being mentored by more experienced cinematographers. Many winners of the three previous Showcases are now working as cinematographers.
“Cinematographers have to master a very complex craft before they can express themselves as artists,” says Dibie. “When you are on a crew working with a great cinematographer, you can observe the thinking behind their decisions, and see how they relate with different directors and others who are involved in the collaborative process, in addition to mastering practical techniques.”
“This showcase is more than an important outlet for undiscovered talent,” Dibie says. “It is also a source of hope and inspiration for other young people in our Guild and in other sectors of the industry. The directors, writers and others who are involved in the making of these films are always excited to participate in these screenings, because they are also a showcase for their talent.”
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