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By Steve Anderson | January 13, 2008

Turnabout is… fair? …play in “Shooting Michael Moore,” where the outspoken, pudgy, ball-capped filmmaker becomes the target of his own style of filmmaking. And perhaps most compelling of all, this was the winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Flint Michigan Film Festival. Two nights running, so says the box.

Filmed by Kevin Leffler, a childhood compatriot and surprising soundalike for Moore, “Shooting Michael Moore” points out the surprising discrepancies and foibles of the uber-liberal. For instance, Leffler includes eyebrow-arching tidbits like Moore being elected to Davison’s school board… and then facing a recall. And, surprisingly enough, his ownership of Halliburton stock, not to mention shares in oil companies, pharmaceutical firms, and even–surprise, surprise!–HMOs. Lots of other potshots will be taken in Moore’s direction, and the point / counterpoint nature of Leffler’s counterattack on the activist Moore is surprisingly entertaining. ESPECIALLY if you’re into Moore’s work already–Leffler actually borrows a few of Moore’s styles, including the rapid, high-speed string of interviews he’s famous for.

True? Possibly–everyone thought Moore was a hundred percent honest too. Leffler certainly seems to have caught Moore in at least a few lies and a few other peccadilloes. Being that Leffler is a Certified Public Accountant (he’s even once seen posing in front of a sign advertising an accountant firm with “Leffler” on it), he’s managed to catch some via some clever tax investigation and heavy use of the Freedom of Information Act. But either way, it’s terrifyingly interesting. Could it be we’re watching the rise of the Anti-Moore? Hard to tell… but a little competition is good for just about any industry!

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