By Admin | April 27, 1998

A cute “Trainspotting”-esque caper about two con men and a girl. The cons, Dylan (Dan Futterman), the smarmy American expatriate and Jez (Stuart Townsend) the nerdy Brit, are grown-up orphans who team up to bilk money from the affluent (the fish) so they can realize their dream house. The girl, Georgie (Kate Beckinsale who dazzled in “Cold Comfort Farm”), is a secretarial temp who gets scammed into working one of their scams. Both cons fall for the charming Georgie as she gets mixed up in their madcap adventures. But Georgie isn’t all that she appears to be and scams begin to unfold within scams. The leads are all likable, albeit two-dimensional, and the rompish surreal texture of the film, makes it stylishly hip and humorous, almost like an episode of “The Monkees.”

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