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By Film Threat Staff | July 27, 2003

September’s SHOCKFEST HORROR FILM FESTIVAL will salute the careers of the late Italian directors Joe D’Amato and Antonio Margheriti with screenings of two of their rarest movies.
Coming to the Veterans Memorial Building in Cookeville, Tennessee on September 28, 2003, the all-day SHOCKFEST HORROR FILM FESTIVAL will be highlighted by film screenings of Joe D’Amato’s “DEATH SMILES ON A MURDERER” (starring Klaus Kinski and Ewa Aulin) and Antonio Margheriti’s rarely-seen “KILLER FISH” (starring Karen Black and Margaux Hemingway). Capping off the festival’s Italian horror marathon will be a screening of Italian director Armando (“AUTOPSY”)Crispino’s “THE DEAD ARE ALIVE” starring Samantha Eggar, plus 30 minutes of rare 16mm horror and exploitation trailers.
Guests at SHOCKFEST will include:
* Jonathan Thornton – special make-up effects creator for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “BLOOD FEAST 2”, “EIGHT-LEGGED FREAKS” and the upcoming stomach-twister “HOME SICK” (which reteams “House of 1000 Corpses” stars Bill Mosley and Tom Towles). Jonathan will display and demonstrate many of the elaborate props from his films.
* Donald Farmer – director of “AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS”, “RED LIPS”, “VAMPIRE COP”, “CANNIBAL HOOKERS” and “SCREAM DREAM”. As an actor, Farmer’s credits include George Romero’s “DAY OF THE DEAD”, Brett Piper’s “THEY BITE”, the Cinemax film “COMPELLING EVIDENCE” (co-starring with Dana Plato and Brigitte Nielsen), and the lead role in Tim Ritter’s “DIRTY COP 2”.
* Phillip Newman – indie horror actor whose credits include “SAVAGE VENGEANCE” starring with Camille “I Spit On Your Grave” Keaton), “VAMPIRE COP” (starring with Mal “Blood Feast” Arnold), “DEMENTED” (starring with Jim Van Bebber and Michelle Bauer), and 2003’s “BODY SHOP MASSACRE”.
* Fanny Terjeki – this Hungarian E.I. Seduction Cinema actress just co-starred with Misty Mundae in “AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS”.
More guests will be announced in the coming weeks. SHOCKFEST doors will open at 1 a.m., and the Italian horror film marathon begins at 6 p.m. An all-day pass, including admission to all three movies, is $5.00. The Veterans Memorial Building is located at 90 E. Spring Street, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501.
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