It’s time once again for Anxiety Films’ “Shock-O-Rama-A-Go-Go” 24-hour film-a-thon. Going down November 21-22, the festival will take place at the Vine Theatre (6321 Hollywood Blvd) in Hollywood, CA. Doors will open at 7pm on Friday night and won’t close until at least 2 am on Sunday morning.
More than twenty films will be presented, including the “Gross Out Shorts” program. “Midnight Movie” devotees will welcome old favorites such as: “Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks,” “Basket Case,” “Doll Squad,” “Eaten Alive,” “Zombie Holocaust,” “Two Orphan Vampires,” “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” and “Glen or Glenda.” Also, attendees will get a chance to see Flesh for the Beast on the big screen. Asian cinema freaks will also thrill to the sight of “Battle Royale” and “Versus” playing on the big screen.
But hey, that’s not all! There will be plenty of B-movie personalities to rub elbows with such as Julie Strain, Don Edmonds (director of “Ilsa: She Wolf of the S.S.,” “Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks”) and Ted V. Mikels (“Blood Orgy of the She Devils,” “Doll Squad”).
Friday night will feature live music from some of the hottest B-movie bands around, and Saturday night will feature a Burlesque show.
Also, look for some of the Film Threat crew to be wandering around as well. After all, how can we pass up this sleazefest?
For more info, visit the Anxiety Films website.

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