By Dennis Przywara | February 15, 2003

This has happened to us before. You’re at a party, eating one of those pizza rolls or the many cheeses on a stick and suddenly you feel the need to s**t a brick. What a pain in the a*s (literally speaking, of course). This nightmare becomes a highly entertaining reality in the animated short, “S**t Party.”
While eating some bad feta cheese, our hero Slack just has to let one go. He heads for the crapper and what was once a sanctuary of privacy becomes the most hellish place on earth; Chatty partygoers making him lose his concentration, broken locks on the bathroom door, the pain of your turd just not cutting loose. What’s even funnier is we get to see the source of his holy terror; a hostile feta cheese inside Slack’s stomach is having a Jackie Chan moment with some previously swallowed baby squid. As the chewed food kung fu it out for champion of the colon, the real world doesn’t get any better. Slack just can’t drop a load, almost to the point of his face exploding from the pressure of pushing this duke of a dump out.
Writer/Director David Blumenstien thankfully doesn’t get too graphic with the whole blowhole story line and keeps the visuals to a tasteful comic book form. The short falls into the same lines of humor as “Osmosis Jones”, but a little more simplistic, which fits perfect in its short six-minute time frame. This short could easily fit into the classic, “Spike and Mike’s World of Sick and Twisted Animation.”
The end credits tell us that the supporting food stars, “Squid and Fetta” will return in another short. Let’s just hope it’s outside the colon rather than in.

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