I can’t imagine the hell Estdelanecropolis went through during the 17 years it took him to make this; for instance, he had to hire ‘unemployable’ people in order to get funding from the Quebec Ministry of Hunting & Fishing. It’s the story of Shirley Pimple, a young brat who is being indoctrinated into tap-dance (and hooked on heroin) as a mascot for the global ideology of John Waynism which, yes, means rah-rah Americana cowboy war-mongering etc. etc. At times looking like it was shot by kindergartners in their basement, careening into high-speed post-apocalyptic car chases and bloody mass-combat, then dropping in references to Shirley Temple’s pedophiliac objectification and John Wayne’s death at the hands of coldwar atomic testing, this film has something crunchy for rebels of all stripes. If you fear the return of Reaganomics and space-weapons, invite George W. Bush to this film and spike his popcorn with LSD.

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