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By Chris Parcellin | September 29, 2001

The upcoming independent horror flick “Realms of Blood” is proving to be quite an exciting challenge for one of its stars, Sheyenne Rivers. The challenge involves the fact that it’s her first opportunity to star in a feature film, and also the fact that she plays more than one role in the production. Rivers grew up a horror movie fan in South Florida, a fact that didn’t exactly thrill her mother. But at the same time Rivers found that she had a real talent for acting and singing.

The fact that her mother had started a talent agency didn’t hurt either, and in her late teens, Rivers went after her showbiz dreams in earnest. Rivers sang in local bands and went to all the acting auditions she could. Now, a scant several years later, she is starring in a movie and even performing on the soundtrack. “Realms of Blood” has three different stories and Rivers has different roles in two of them. A daunting prospect for many actors, but the confident 23 year-old seems unfazed by her dual roles.

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