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By Bob Westal | June 22, 2005

It all started when I favorably reviewed The Education of Shelby Knox, an entertaining documentary look at a young woman’s involvement in the fight to end “abstinence only” sex education in Texas high schools — even though she is a devout Southern Baptist who has taken a vow of premarital chastity. I was less favorable to young Corey Nichols, a self-described moderate Republican who, like Shelby Knox, favors a comprehensive approach to sex education, but who nevertheless emerges as her personal nemesis.

When Nichols contacted me, I figured that it was only fair to offer him some equal time. Not only had I labeled him as a not-to-be-trusted pol in the making, I had heaped praise on his archrival and, well, endorsed her for President in 2030. In the ensuing interview, Nichols not only defended himself, but took the opportunity to take several verbal shots at Knox, attacking her behavior on the Lubbock Youth Council, her tactics, and her deadly aim with a tennis ball.

A response seemed called for….

I caught up with Knox in the middle of a frantic East coast media tour to promote the documentary’s airing on PBS’s “Point of View.” While such outposts of the real and/or imagined “liberal media” as “NOW” and Air America’s “The Al Franken Show” dealt with such matters as “abstinence only” versus “comprehensive” sex education, STDs, and reproductive choice, this is the only interview to broach what happened during one fateful Texas morning when a team building exercise for the Lubbock Youth Council went painfully awry….

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