What were you like growing up? ^I’m sure I started out like any other bundle of joy, but I seem to recall my grandma calling me “a little brat” a lot–which was probably during the normal little brat stage that most little kids go through. I grew up on a farm in Washington with seven brothers: half, step and blood. I was quite the little tomboy. I was in 4-H where I showed my horses and competed at all the rodeo’s and play days. I grew up on dirtbikes and four wheelers. If mom needed milk from the store she sent me on my dirtbike to get it. We could ride anywhere we wanted because everywhere you looked there were either dunes, mountains, the river or thousands of acres of farmland. ^ I was in the standard sports, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading (which was not for me). What I really excelled in as a teenager was snowmobile racing. I have a room full of trophies and I had a set of balls big enough to scare off the male racers, which, when put in their race class, more times than not, ended up smokin’ them. I also competed in Bodybuilding as a teenager. I feel the discipline of all that training helped to mold me into the person that I am today. By the way, I can’t answer this question in full because I’m still growing up as we speak and will be until I’m 101. I truly believe in the phrase “you learn something new everyday.”
How did you get involved in B-movies? ^When I left Washington state–headed for California–I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do when I got here. I just knew I was going to be a part of it in some way, shape or form. So, I started doing extra work for Blockbuster films. Well, that was all fine and dandy for a couple of years. I paid my bills and got my SAG card when I got to say “HI” to Tom Selleck in ” Three Men and a Baby.” (Which I believe got cut from the film). But I got something out of it, and to be honest I was kinda lazin’ around for the first two years I was here, anyways. At least I got to tip my toe in the water. Well then I became a Penthouse Centerfold (January, ’92) and did a whole bunch of modeling in the years that followed. ^ Then someone I had done a video for asked me if I would come in and read for a small part in a movie he was doing. I got the role, not thinking much of it. Well it turns out the girl who had the lead ended up flaking out at the last minute and they ended up putting me in the lead. That movie was “FRIEND OF THE FAMILY,” in which I played “Elke.” So that is how I got involved in the B-Movie industry. As I’m giving this interview I’m thinking about how most of the stuff I’ve done to date in this business really wasn’t planned, it just sort of fell into place naturally–job by job. Like modeling. I never really intended on being a centerfold. I just did a test shoot because someone asked me to and I was then chosen. With movies, someone I knew from modeling asked me if I wanted a part in his movie. I took it. Then someone else asked me to be in their movie so I was like , “Okay, cool.” And on and on.
Did you study acting? ^This is a great question, because I have a couple of different opinions about that. First to answer the question. Yes, I took acting classes, but I was never serious about them. I tried out an acting class once where the instructor had a big fat chip on his shoulder, and I found I really couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be there for because I was too busy the whole time trying to figure out why this old, overweight, self indulgent (about all the roles he starred in, in his life) man was so bitter about. He spent most of his time yelling at and putting his students down instead of encouraging them. He had that “Everybody wants to be an actor” attitude. I just couldn’t take him seriously. So was the case with the next two classes I checked out. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and go get some on the job experience. I needed to make a living, not pay someone–that I couldn’t even look up to–my rent money.
What are the biggest misconceptions about you? ^That I’m rich, that I don’t have any problems, that I’m high maintenance, and that I got a boob job because I wanted big boobs. Well let me tell you, although my family and I live comfortably and are able to give our child all the things that she needs, I am not rich. I don’t think that anyone in the B-industry is a millionaire. I have the same problems as every other human being and I have just as many ups and downs. I’m not a perfect person and I don’t live in a perfect world. Also, from time to time I will deal with clients who will try to label me as “High Maintenance”. What they would really say if they were being honest with themselves is that I stand my ground and don’t let them walk on me. It’s as simple as that. This label usually comes about when I am forced to do business on the day of the job instead of previous to the job . Meaning that often times clients don’t always bother to be honest with us about what our day is going to entail and I end up having to straighten things out, which pisses them off when they don’t get away with what they are trying to do. ^ And the big misconception is the boob job topic. Oh boy!! Here’s the scoop…I had perfectly perky little breasts until three and-a-half years ago, when I gave birth to my beautiful little girl. I took a break from the business and then decided to come back. Only one problem: When you have a child it can wreak havoc on your body. I do a lot of nudity and was not comfortable with my boobs hanging to my knees, so I had them fixed. I liked the way they looked before much better, but I did what I had to do for my own comfort,..not anyone else’s.
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