By Mark Bell | October 20, 2013

Sex Pose Man (David Bianchi) is back for more sexual insanity! This time around, inspired by a dream involving mimes and spiritual enlightenment, gigolo Winston, known more commonly as Sex Pose Man, decides to bring some of those mime skills to the bedroom, with disturbingly humorous results.

Sex Pose Man – Episode Two – The Mime picks up from the absurdity of the first installment and continues down one weird-a*s sexual journey. Winston is as ridiculous (and shiny) as last time, and now that we’re two episodes into the webseries, it appears to be one that goes for laughs on a sexual case-by-case basis as opposed to having a larger narrative arc.

And I could be wrong there, more episodes will be the ultimate barometer, but as of right now it’s sort of a one-joke affair that hasn’t really broadened its horizons too much. Which is fine, at only six minutes it’s not like it is wearing out its welcome, and sticking to the idea of each episode being an example of another absurd sexual encounter for our hero is entertaining in itself. For me, however, if I was considering whether I wanted to check in with it on a regular basis, I’d need more of a narrative than what I’m getting so far. Right now, it’s a funny novelty, but it’s not something I would mark my calendar to catch.

But it could be. The crew behind these films are certainly talented, and now that Winston’s world has been established, it’s time to take that odd fish and throw him into a different pond to see what strangeness can occur. I want to see the story of Sex Pose Man expand, and I think all involved have the skills to do that.

Sex Pose Man – Episode Two – The Mime, much like its first installment, is enjoyable and disturbing for all its slick, glistening perversion. It doesn’t really entice me to make it a point not to miss the next episode, though I would watch it, if I stumbled across it, without hesitation. I’m just ready for something new from Sex Pose Man, and not just along the lines of a sexual position.

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