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By Daniel Bernardi | June 14, 2005

Castration Elation is all about that, focusing mainly on the character of Lorna (T.J. Myers) once she is alerted to the release of a suspected sex offender by the name of Bob Nevers (possibly Alex Rebar using the pseudonym of Justin Kase). Jenny and Vera further explore their vices oblivious to Lorna’s murderous secret. Lorna drives over to Bob’s house, spikes his drink and teaches him and to a greater extent the entire male gender the lesson that will cut like a knife. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry which was a little darker than the first one and tension is raised when Lorna faces the sex offender. Less flashy than the first entry but more entertaining on a thrills level. A little better than the first entry, but still lacking something.

End credits role over some behind the scenes footage which shows how easy it is to break something on a film set and how hard it is to mend.

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