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By Daniel Bernardi | June 24, 2005

After an array of sexual encounters, Jenny hits the sack for the night only to be accosted by a rapist who has snuck in to her bedroom. Before any irreparable damage is done, Lorna comes to the rescue injuring the attempted rapist. Vera and Jenny stand together as they watch Lorna purposely finish the rapist off, finally learning her dark secret but ultimately feeling that she is properly serving womankind. This was an exciting entry as finally Lorna’s avenging is carried out on an attacker of her best friend in the nick of time, and it was great to finally have them learn her secret. Lorna made a milestone by saving someone from a sex offender before damage was done in the creepiest entry yet.

The final chapter in the Sex, Pain and Murder series of short films ends in too much of a hurry and I can’t help but feel that the conclusion could have felt more like it came to an official close. It was appropriate to reveal Lorna’s secret to her roommates but the fuse burned out half way to the big bang that it needed. Wouldn’t you just love to live next door to this trio? Could quite possibly work as an amusing feature film.

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