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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 16, 2003

“Sex”, the first part of the “Sex, Drugs & Natalie Portman” trilogy, available online, centers on John (Jayson Nehring), a naïve high schooler who suddenly begins wondering who he should spend the rest of his life with. Shall it be Jacklyn (Rebecca Regan), the girl he’s known since the 1st grade and loved ever since? Or will it be Natalie Portman, the subject of many fan boys’ fantasies (masturbatory and otherwise)? Tough choices abound for this guy and this short by Chad Peter gets even stranger as it progresses.
For example, John finds himself in Jacklyn’s body after he wakes up one day (after praying to God the night before no less, and this being after Jacklyn rejects him) and Natalie Portman is in John’s body, though she does not make an actual appearance in this short. Some of the humor is funny, such as a line from John’s brother, Hank (Wade Eldridge), who knows enough about common Star Wars lore. The music also works well, especially in a scene where John-as-Jacklyn heads into her car and tries to decide what to do next.
However, this is a mediocre short at best where the idea just doesn’t pull all the way through. But Peter does deserve credit for using Natalie Portman in some aspect because she is one of the most beautiful actresses in existence.

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