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By Eric Campos | January 8, 2006

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C’mon everybody! “Sell Out!” It’s fun!

“Sell Out” is a 15 minute faux infomercial for an as-of-yet produced indie feature. Fictional producer Rico De La Vegas pan handles for your cash, while lounging in his pool with chicks, promising viewers that for a measly 99 cents, they too can be a producer on this epic to be. This short film makes all the right comedic jabs at the average ridonkulousness of infomercials that all too often feature brain dead testimonials from mutants who will say anything they’re told just to get themselves up there on the boob tube.

Yes, the filmmakers have done a good job in replicating one of these infomercials, but unfortunately that’s a bit of a problem. When something annoying and lame is parodied, and parodied well, that end product always runs the risk of being annoying and lame itself. “Sell Out” definitely dips into lame waters at times, but fortunately, it has a little more going for it. Clips from this upcoming movie are shown, allowing for the filmmakers to stage several amusing skits, which really makes this film a collection of funny shorts. And, yeah, they’re pretty funny, mostly playing on the conventions of cheeseball action fodder.

So if you like watching the s**t being kicked out of goofy infomercials and action movies, you should probably swallow some pride and just SELL OUT!

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