By Eric Campos | March 14, 2003

It may not have the most enticing title in film history, but within this movie are some of the most hilarious performances of the year…and all the dialogue is improvised.
In “Security,” we’re shown the horribly dull lives of a pair of security guards working the graveyard shift at a candy factory. It’s horribly dull for them, but vastly entertaining for the audience as the actors portraying these knuckleheads have natural funny running through their veins. But things pick up for our dullard duo as it’s discovered that prototype candy samples are being stolen from the factory during their shift. Taking their job way too seriously, the guards decide to form their own investigation, which ultimately leads them to a dead body. Yup, candynapping is dangerous business.
Not relying on over-the-top gross-out humor to keep the audience glued to the screen, “Security” is a breath of fresh air as it’s simply all about the improvised dialogue of all the actors that keeps viewers from trying their darndest not to shoot beer out of their noses…that is if you’re drinking beer in the theater in the first place. Why wouldn’t you be?
Let’s hope “Security” gets the distribution it deserves. Stephen Kearin and Tim Orr are fit for moviestardom.

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