From the iMDB news for 2008-01-29:

Actress Sean Young was escorted from the Directors Guild Of America Awards show on Saturday for heckling filmmaker Julian Schnabel, nominated for his film The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. Schnabel was the last of the five Best Director nominees to take the stage to make a speech at the Los Angeles ceremony – but, after a few moments, he was forced to stop when Young shouted, “Come on – get to it!” A shocked Schnabel stopped to find out the identity of his heckler, and asked Young to finish his speech for him. Schnabel then returned to his speech after receiving encouragement from the star-studded audience, while Young was escorted out of the venue by two security guards, falling over as she left.

Now THAT is how a pro does it. Right there is the perfect example of why a news story like the above makes me think of Sean as an amusing, quirky personality while exactly the same behavior from say… Britney Spears would annoy the s**t out of me. It’s because Sean Young bothers to space out her innapropriate outbursts so that they don’t become tiresome, while with a dumbass like Britney it’s almost guaranteed that she’s going to do something stupid. The chick can’t walk over to her f*****g car without looking like the biggest retard in Retardfest 2008. It’s embarrassing, not to mention that Britney has a personality about as charming as a rabid Mongoose which doesn’t exactly endear her to anyone. Young, isn’t always a classy dame, but she’s mostly a classy dame; and that my friends makes for a world of difference.

So Sean, you just keep being yourself. You crack me up. I can’t wait to see what you do in another 8 or 10 years.

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  1. Dave Lawler says:

    Um … yeah … Blade Runner and Stripes don’t hold a candle to a pretentious pastiche-ridden rip-off of My Left Foot.

    “Who said that to me?” says it all!

  2. Matt Sorrento says:

    Dude, you shouldn’t kid about this. Sean Young shouldn’t even have the right to breathe in the presence of this brilliant director. Please, don’t encourage her!

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