By Film Threat Staff | December 2, 2001

“Scream For Christmas” is just plain sick. Just the kind of movie to boost holiday spirits! The creators of this 80-minute “Christmassy” horror flick describe themselves as, “…the new champions of independent horror and sci-fi!”
The modest moviemakers go on to say, “Independent horror and sci-fi is slowly on the rise and we are riding the tide! In the future expect this site to grow, grow into an unstoppable monster that shall dominate the entertainment industry! For those of you still hard at work cranking out indie horror and sci-fi WE SALUTE YOU!” Every sentence on the site seems to be punctuated by an exclamation point which certainly reflects the raw style of filmmaking creator Rob Avery seems to embody.
Visit the site to see the totally gross trailer. At your own risk, of course. Season’s Greetings!
Check out the official World Parody Productions site for more info on Scream For Christmas.
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