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By Doug Brunell | June 11, 2006

I supposed I should be grateful for the glitch on this DVD that makes it impossible to select the various animated Schtick Man adventures. Because of that glitch, the DVD only plays two of the shorts — one that’s a take on Mel Gibson’s Jesus movie and another about testicular cancer.

Schtick Man, for the vast majority of you who are unaware, is an animated stick man set against a white background. And while some parts of the shorts are amusing, the thing is about as funny as Messier’s attempts at stand-up comedy, which are pretty dreadful.

I have to give Messier credit for sticking to his guns and trying all sorts of short films and projects. That shows some gumption (a nice, old timey word). Unfortunately, gumption doesn’t mean much without some talent. He has ideas — they just aren’t very good. In time, however, I think he will get better. I don’t know why I think that; it’s just a feeling. For now, though, I’d avoid anything with his name on it … including “Schtick Man and Friends.”

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