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By Film Threat Staff | February 14, 2002

The 17th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which takes place February 27 – March 3, 2002, was pared down to 5 days from it’s previous 11 days, will feature 10 World Premieres, 6 North American Premieres and 3 U.S. Premieres, as well as a Human Rights Sidebar and a strong slate of European Cinema in association with the European Commission.
Previously announced, the SBIFF will present the Modern Master Award to Sean Penn. The program, directed by Paul Fagan and designed by Douglas D. Smith, will be moderated by “Entertainment Tonight’s” film expert, Leonard Maltin, with the help of some special guests! The evening is sponsored by Premiere Magazine and Carolyn & Andrew Butcher. The SBIFF also proudly presents a Salute to Anjelica Huston with a screening of “Prizzi’s Honor,” followed by a Q&A, also moderated by Leonard Maltin; and a Spotlight on Directing with Henry Jaglom, featuring a screening of “Someone to Love,” followed by a Q&A.
Opening Night of the festival, Wednesday, February 27, will feature a screening of Henry Jaglom’s Festival in Cannes, starring Anouk Aimee, Maxmilian Schell, Greta Scacchi, Ron Silver, Zack Norman and newcomer Jenny Gabrielle. Looking at 3 love stories and 3 generations, Festival in Cannes reveals the sometimes glamorous, often duplicitous world of the haves and have-nots of the international movie business. Jaglom, Zack Norman and Jenny Gabrielle will be in attendance. The screening, sponsored by AT&T Wireless Services, begins at 7:00 p.m. at the historic Arlington Theatre.
The Closing Night film is “The Man From Elysian Fields,” directed by George Hickenlooper and starring Andy Garcia, Mick Jagger, Julianna Margulies, Olivia Williams and James Coburn, is the tale of a down-and-nearly-out novelist, Byron Tiller (Garcia), and how, attempting to please his wife Dena (Margulies) and support his infant son, he almost loses his muse. Director Hickenlooper, Andy Garcia and some cast will be in attendance. Closing night festivities will take place at the Arlington Theatre on Sunday, March 3, beginning with the Awards Presentation at 6:00 p.m.
The SBIFF continues its tradition of presenting some of the best talents of the past year. On Saturday, March 2, at 11:00 a.m., the famed It Starts With The Script traces the journey of a script from the writer’s spark of an idea to a produced film. These top writers will talk about their latest screenplays. Moderated by Kevin McCormick, Exec. VP, Production, Warner Brothers, the panel features Milo Addica, Monster’s Ball; Julian Fellowes, Gosford Park; Akiva Goldsman, A Beautiful Mind; Ted Griffin, Ocean’s Eleven; Christopher Nolan, Memento; Michael Sloane, The Majestic and Gina Wendkos, The Princess Diaries.
Movers and Shakers, on Saturday, March 2, at 2:00 p.m., features top producers who will discuss their latest film and the future of American cinema within the Hollywood System. Moderated by Peter Bart, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Variety, the panelists include: Darla Anderson, Monsters, Inc.; Bruce Berman, Ocean’s Eleven; Leonard Goldberg, Charlie’s Angels, David Hoberman, Bandits; Barry Mendel, The Royal Tenenbaums; and Ed Zwick, I Am Sam.
On Sunday, March 3, at 11:00 a.m. will be Directors on Directing. These directors will discuss their latest film, creative freedom, the star system, and the challenges of getting good films made today. Moderated by Anne Thompson, West Coast Editor of Premiere Magazine, the panel will include Todd Field, In The Bedroom; Marc Forster, Monster’s Ball; Jessie Nelson, I Am Sam; Terry Zwigoff, Ghost World.
Other events include the Brooks Institute’s Filmmaker Symposium, a day of workshops presented by Kodak’s Motion Picture Division and FotoKem Industries. Thursday, February 28, from 9am – 5pm, (Free Admission).
Back by popular demand, an encore screening of Vincent and Me will take place Wednesday morning for the children from all Santa Barbara County elementary schools, at 10:00 a.m. at the Arlington Theatre.
DigitalDays 2002 offers a full day of the latest in digital technology, presenting NASA – Bringing Digital Technology Back to Earth; The Missing Data – What they won’t teach you in School, featuring John Lasseter, Exec. VP/Creative at Pixar, and Executive Producer of Monsters Inc. (Free Admission); Brunch on the Edge, round-table discussion with a group of professional filmmakers, discussing the creative process, vision, artistry and craft necessary in the making of a film. Participating are Maija Beeton, Truly Dangerous Company; Geoffrey Gilmore, Dir. Programming & Special Projects, The Sundance Institute; John Lasseter, Pixar Studios; Jordan Melamed, Director, Manic; Rob Nilsson, Director, Scheme C6; Roberto Schaefer, Cinematographer, Monster’s Ball; Mark Sylvester, Ambassador, Alias/Wavefront; and Holly Willis, Editor, RES Magazine. Afternoon panels include Digital Realities where professional filmmakers from traditional and new media screen scenes from their films and discuss the digital tools they used and the challenges of alternative distribution and exhibition; The Digital Dilemma, showing the anatomy of a feature film, Monster’s Ball, and a DV feature, Everything Put Together. And Tech Expo, a series of workshops and demonstrations of the software and hardware tools that are changing the world of filmmaking and digital content creation, takes place Saturday and Sunday at Brooks Hall, Riviera Park. Free Admission
DigitalDays panels, produced by Richard Corwin, Soundwaves, and Mark Sylvester, Alias/Wavefront, will be recorded and webcast Live in association with SBCC and Dom Camardella, Cox Cable and Rangefire. Brunch on the Edge webcast is sponsored by Canon USA.
World Premieres are as follows: ^ *Arisman: Facing the Audience, USA, directed by Tony Silver. Celebrated illustrator, educator, and artist Marshall Arisman divines the Sacred in monkeys, angels, humans or hyenas. An image-maker who sees and reveals essences – and auras. Director Silver and Marshall Arisman will be present.
*Bug, USA, directed by Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay. A delightfully quirky look at the six degrees of separation that divide us all–and particularly a group of Los Angelenos whose cause-and-effect actions lead them to a common destiny. Directors Manfredi & Hay will be present, along with cast members including Brian Cox (L.I.E.), Alexis Cruz and Michael Hitchcock.
* Crazy Jones, USA, directed by Joe Aaron. Finnegan Jones, a 40-year-old, semi-suicidal, leaf blower with Tourette’s Syndrome falls in love with Syd – a precocious, green-haired 12 year-old girl. Stars Aaron, Francesca Catalano, Elizabeth Ince and Tess Borden. Writer, Director and Star Joe Aaron will be present, with producer Keith Coene and cast member Francesca Catalano.
* Defining Maggie, USA, directed by Neil Abramson. A seemingly happy couple must confront ghosts of the past after the wife’s brother provokes a shocking revelation. Stars Molly Hagen, Todd Kimsey, Jeff Kober and Nina Siemaszko. Director Abramson and cast members Molly Hagan, Todd Kimsey and Jeff Kober will be present.
*The Gatekeeper, USA, directed by John Carlos Frey. A highly charged, emotional drama exploring the human and civil unrest at the Mexican American Border. Stars Frey, Michelle Agnew, Anne Betancourt and Joel Brooks. Writer, Director and Star John Carlos Frey will be present with cast members. ** Winner of the Phoenix Prize, for Best feature-length film, U.S. or foreign, that salutes the spirit of the “outsider,” a group or person who embodies the courage and tenacity of the human spirit and who traditionally has been denied a voice.
* Made-Up (A Vanity Production), USA, directed by Tony Shalhoub. A coming-of-middle-age comedy. A divorced mother, talked into a makeover by her 16-year-old daughter, finds love when least expecting it. Stars Shalhoub, Brooke Adams, Lynne Adams and Eva Amurri. Director Shalhoub, star Brooke Adams and writer/star Lynne Adams will be present.
* Mai’s America, USA, directed by Marlo Poras. Documentary about a spunky, mini-skirted daughter of Ho Chi Minh’s revolution who crash lands in rural Mississippi for her senior year of high school. Director/writer Poras and producer Michele Gisser will be present.
*The Perfect You, USA, directed by Matthew Miller. A romantic comedy about two people who don’t realize how perfect they are for each other. Stars Jenny McCarthy, Chris Eigeman, Paul Dooley and Josh Stamberg. Director Miller and cast members Chris Eigeman and Jenny McCarthy will be present.
* Shanghai Ghetto, USA, directed by Dana Janklowicz-Mann and Amir Mann. Fleeing for their lives in the late 1930’s, German Jews journeyed to Shanghai, arriving penniless and unprepared for life in the Far East. Narrated by Martin Landau. Landau may be in attendance.
* Tenfold, USA, directed by Zachary Zises. An intriguing moral allegory about a lawyer whose attempt to make good on past misdeeds has unexpected consequences. Stars Tim Decker, Holli Hornlien and Joe Forbrich. Director Zises and cast member Joe Forbrich will be present.
For more info including the full schedule of films, call 805-963-0023 or e-mail the festival or visit the official web site for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Check out’s FILM FESTIVAL ARCHIVES for more fest news!

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