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By Film Threat Staff | May 30, 2003

Tom Savini has been signed to appear in Fearmakers Studios’ “Death4Told” to begin production June 2003. The project, starring Margot Kidder (“Superman”), contains four short films of horror and suspense. Savini will play an escaped convict for the fourth segment within “Death4Told” entitled “The Psychic.”
“Tom Savini is the only one I imagined for the role,” says executive producer Harley Kaplan. “He’s a legend. He’s the one that inspired us to do what we are doing. I feel he’s a natural fit for ‘Death4Told’ and I’m thrilled.” Kaplan has extensive experience in film and television including roles on “Saturday Night Live,” 20th Century Fox’s “Simply Irresistible,” Miramax’s “Office Killer,” and behind-the-scenes work on a range from projects from the Oscar winning “As Good As It Gets” to HBO’s “Sex and the City.” Kaplan is also the executive producer for the feature film, “Temptation.”
Written by Bo Buckley, “Death4Told” is a feature length project containing four short films of horror and suspense: “The Dolls House,” “Folklore,” “World’ Most Haunted,” and “The Psychic.”
“I knew at the beginning of the project we would be faced with a very low budget,” says Buckley. “The ability to shoot and wrap a segment in a couple weekends was crucial to get ‘Death4Told’ produced.” The crew is comprised of mostly local talent giving up their weekends to work on the project. Shot in and around Ohio, most of the crew slept in low rent motels and worked long hours in the summer heat for the sake of the project. “At one point we stayed in a bug-filled boys camp on Friday the 13th during the full moon in the middle of the woods,” explains Buckley. “That’s enough to freak anybody out.”
For more info, check out the Fearmakers website.

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