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By Michael Dequina | July 9, 1998

The first major work by Steven Spielberg to be released on DVD, DreamWorks’ Saving Private Ryan disc proves that it does not take a raft of supplemental materials to make a worthy disc. In fact, the only extras are the 1998 film’s two theatrical trailers, production notes, a made-for-HBO featurette on the production (distinguished by glimpses at some war films Spielberg made as a youth), and a “message” from Spielberg that is little more than an ad soliciting contributions to the National D-Day Museum. What makes the disc a must-buy is the spectactular presentation of the film itself; the sound and picture is remarkably close to the actual theatrical experience (of course, exactly how close is dependent on your home theatre system). Tied together by a slick–but not overly so–animated menu design, Ryan is a keeper.

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