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By Admin | June 6, 2006

“Satan’s Blood” (originally titled “Escalorfrio”) follows Andy and Anna as they come in contact with Bruno and Mary. Bruno insists that he and Andy attended college together, and even has photos to prove it, but Andy can’t recall any of it. Stupidity befalls the young couple and they follow the mysterious Bruno and Mary back to their secluded and dreary home. Here they play with a Ouija board, call out to evil spirits, get drunk and then eventually have a wife swapping orgy atop a gigantic pentagram. Who knew that satanic rituals involved f*****g and full-body massages using sacred oils dipped from an open skull?

After all the sinister psychobabble and sex is out of the way, Bruno blows his brains out and Mary rides away on a moped, only to return later to slit her wrists. Andy and Anna are accused of the murders and flee back to their apartment in the city. Their home has been emptied of all of their belongings and they are invited across the hall by some elderly and very unassuming neighbors. The old couple asks that they stay for dinner and when shown to the dining area they realize that something has gone even more wrong than their horrible weekend before.

Now, seated around a pentagram, are all of the people that they came in contact with only days before. All of these supposed dead folk brandish knives and stab the couple to death – or do they? At the film’s closing, Andy and Anna are pulling the same old “college pal” routine on another unsuspecting couple and the cycle is, no doubt, about to continue. Just what the hell the “cycle” is all about is never really determined or explored, but “Satan’s Blood” (rated “S” for sex and sadism) dishes out a heavy helping of nudity and gore that’ll appease any fan of this type of sleazy cinema.

Mondo Macabro released this with extras including: optional subtitles, trailers and a documentary entitled “The Devil’s Disciples”.

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