On Wednesday, February 18, The Pioneer Theater in New York will present two memorial screenings of Sarah Jacobson’s films. Sarah passed away this past weekend, ending her battle with cancer. Her short film “I Was A Teenage Serial Killer” was named as one of the “25 Underground Films You Must See” in Film Threat Video Guide.
The program of films includes shorts “I was a Teenage Serial Killer” ^ Man or Astroman music video “Spferic Waves” ^ Fluffy music video ^ “What I Learned in a Station Wagon” ^ “Sweet Miss” ^ “Bra Shopping” ^ Radical Cheerleaders segment ^ Summer Concert Safety segment ^ Adam at the Mall segment ^ Fabulous Stains Documentary ^ “High School Reunion” and the feature “Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Any More.”
Similar screenings are in the works for Chicago and San Francisco.
For more info, visit the Pioneer Theatre website.
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