On Sunday, February 13th, starting at 7 PM, stop by Cinespace in Los Angeles for a double helping of bloody cheese as Eric Spudic rolls out PSYCHO SANTA and KILLERS BY NATURE.
PSYCHO SANTA: associate-produced by and starring Eric Spudic) ^ WITNESS Santa slash open a pot smoker’s throat! WATCH as two hot strippers shower, dance…and look for rocks! SEE Eric Spudic attempt to act! HEAR Santa Clause make pig and cow noises! Stars Kimberly Lynn Cole(CREMAINS) and Lucien Eisenach(DEAD CLOWNS).

KILLERS BY NATURE (written/directed by and starring Eric Spudic) ^ QUENCH your thirst as you witness a man’s mouth used as a human urinal. SEE a guy get hit in the head with a flying hammer! Stars Jason Contini(APRIL IS MY RELIGION) and William Clifton(SAVAGE HARVEST).

Featuring music by Ghoultown, Dead Celebrities, Ike VonEsper, Steve Sessions, Stykfaktor, William Schotten, and Matthew Jason Walsh. From executive producers Ron Bonk and Eric Stanze comes this grisly horror/comedy of nerds vs. bullies! See it well before its October 25th release date!

Admission is FREE and alkyhol will be served. Must be 21+ to get in. See ya there!

For more info, visit the Cinespace website.

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