Created, written and drawn by Russ Manning, the man hand-picked by George Lucas to illustrate the “Star Wars” newspaper strips, “Magnus: Robot Fighter” told the tale of a futuristic hero who, throughout the 90s into present day, would climb onto Sam F. Parks’ and Clay McBride’s backs as they tried, and got so close to adapting the comic into a motion picture. The pithced project passed underneath the nose of Richard Donner, who expressed great interest, but opted to make “Radio Flyer” instead.
Since then…well, let’s have Sam F. Park tell you what’s been going on with “Magnus”:
If you’d like to see a “MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER” movie made, please let your voices be heard so the studios may hear you. The last time I checked the company connected to the material was trying to turn Magnus into a weak version of “The Matrix.” Let them know you want to see Magnus as a warrior trained to protect a world he has never experienced until thrown into the battle leading to a fantastic, bizarre and thrilling voyage of discovery and adventure. Oh, yeah. And tell them you want to see Magnus tearing robots (and anyone who gets in his way) into tiny pieces with his bare hands through the use of his amazing abilities!
Robots. Aliens. Otherworldly martial arts. A lone warrior fighting to save Earth and the galaxy! It’s the greatest high concept idea for film from comics ever!

Further details on Park’s Magnus-to be are given below:
The course which his life will take is set in infancy. His world is shattered forever when assassin robots invade his home, killing his human parents. Moments from death himself, the child is suddenly rescued by 1-A (the 1st Autonomous), a golden skinned robot of mysterious origins. Recognizing some special quality within this orphaned child, 1-A takes him and returns to his secret home located beneath the ocean. This mysterious metal savior has special plans for his human child who will one day be called Magnus.
1-A begins to school the boy in all the normal arts and sciences. But these studies are simple child’s play when compared to the main emphasis of Magnus’ training. Utilizing the most advanced methods ever devised, 1-A begins teaching Magnus the most devastating empty-hand combat art ever known. Forged from scientific and mystical/spiritual origins beyond our understanding, 1-A gives Magnus the ability to shatter metal with his bare hands! Beyond simple physics, Magnus is given the extraordinary ability to “see” into the molecular structure of any object and locate its single flaw, allowing him to strike with lethal results.
It is 1-A’s intention to train his human charge to adulthood creating from mortal “clay” a man who will be known as The Magnus – the individual, foretold in the whispered prophecies of the underground resistance, who will return to the world of men and help his fellow humans preserve their freedom and autonomy in the face of technological complacency, and the more sinister threat of robot tyranny.
But before 1-A can complete his “man-child’s” training, Magnus discovers the fact that his human parents were murdered and strikes out for the continent-wide city of North Am to uncover the truth about his past and himself.
Among the citizens of this future world, Magnus is immediately perceived as a monstrous threat. After all, no mere human can shatter robot metal with his bare hands. Forced to flee the law, Magnus becomes a fugitive. Though schooled by 1-A, Magnus is still ignorant in the ways of men. He must learn as he goes aided here and there by the few sympathetic people he encounters in his hunt to uncover the truth about his parents’ death and the identity of their executioner.
His search will lead him into savage combat, tender love, brutal truth, and ultimately an understanding of his true destiny – all set against the incredible world of mankind in the year 4000 A.D.

We know there are studio people out there reading this, so how ’bout it? How about giving Sam a chance with his version of “Magnus”?
For more details on Park’s “Magnus,” as well as the scoop on his battle to get a Luke Cage movie made, visit his website.

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  1. I have been thinking about Magnus being made into a movie for many years and wondered why it hasn’t hit reality as yet. On one episode I remember Magnus battling a rogue robot named H8 or HATE. I can forsee many episodes being made into films. Please do this soon as I’m now 62 years old.

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