By Merle Bertrand | March 25, 2000

I can tell you what happened in “Saddle Trail” but I can’t tell you why it happened. A young punk fills his car with gas and squeals off into the night, stiffing the station attendant. He’s cruising along, minding his own business…until a mysterious rifleman plugs him from his perch in a tree overlooking the street Saddle Trail. The assassin steals his victim’s cash, someone else comes along and steals his car, roll the credits. Why? Who knows? While there’s nothing exotic or revolutionary about “Saddle Trail” (or an accompanying music video on the same tape, for that matter), director Duane Graves has given us a decently shot, bare bones video intro piece for some sort of mystery thriller. I wanted to know more, so that’s a plus. At only eight minutes long, however, I’ll never know who these people were, which sucks. Memo to Mr. Graves: shoot the rest of the film and send it in again.

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