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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | May 9, 2008

Since “Donnie Darko” seems to be the only good thing Richard Kelly has ever brought us on film (“Southland Tales”… my god the horror, but I thought “Domino” was cheesy neo-grindhouse at its finest), it’s bittersweet to pop in the DVD to this masterpiece and realize that he blew his load on this one flick.

Now word from IGN UK has come that there will be a sequel.

Called “S. Darko.”

And it will revolve around that insignificant character in the movie, his baby sister Samantha last seen dancing with Sparkle Motion to “Notorious.” Apparently anxiously trying to convince us that every element of the story was relevant, a brand new crew will try to pull a story from thin air and expand on it.

See my original suspicion was that she was significant only in the notion that she’d fallen prey to the conformist yuppy population that had engulfed her and turned her into another faceless pageant child, doomed to clash with her unique brother if he’d survived, but then, what do I know?

“Picking up seven years after the original, the plot will follow Donnie’s sister Samantha on a road trip to Los Angeles, during which she is plagued by a series of bizarre visions.”

This is looking to be a very in-name-only sequel, with a broad plot feeling like a mixture of “Stir of Echoes” and “Final Destination,” so all hopes of social undertones and existentialist musings perfected in the first film most likely will be nowhere to be found. I smell a PG-13 romp for the teens!
Not that Daveigh Chase is a terrible actress but as a fan of the original film, I just couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. Damn Hollywood. I am holding out no hope for this.

It’s just so f*****g embarrassing.

“Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!”

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  1. Schoobie says:

    Well when theres money to be had……

  2. Minic says:

    I can’t even see how this is warranted in the eyes of the executives who greenlit this. It’s just one giant mistake.

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