By Admin | October 26, 2002

Similar to “Runaway Bride,” yeah that Julia Roberts piece of s**t, “Runaway Gossip” features a bride-to-be bolting from the chapel on wedding day. ‘Cept this woman has a good reason for fleeing the scene, while preparing for the big ceremony, she overhears that her fiancé is…well…in love with wiener. Yes, the guy is gay. So the bride-to-be-no-more heads off to a lesbian bar with her bridesmaids for a night of fun. Oh yeah, and this isn’t a piece of s**t like aforementioned film, either.
It’s rare that you get a little indie like this with better than average performances by the entire cast, but here it is. The real star of the film, however, is Shauna Stoddart’s script, which keeps the often lewd and always entertaining humor consistent throughout.
Another shocker, which you rarely ever see…or rather hear…in indie shorts is a good soundtrack. Someone called X-Vinyl supplied most of the infectiously rockin’ tunes that fit these girls’ drunken night out on the town like a glove.
A pleasure to behold – I don’t know if “Runaway Gossip” is doing the festival circuit now, but it should be. Keep your eyes peeled.

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