Canadian filmmakers Soo Lyu and Edward Stanulis know that there’s more to the mysterious world of full body massage then, well, full body massage. Their new indie “Rub & Tug” strips the business down to the bare elements:
Lawrence, the owner of a “full body” massage parlour, suspects that the three girls who work for him are secretly performing sex with customers. To catch them in the act, he hires Conrad to serve as the parlour’s unlikely manager. The street-smart massage girls welcome the opportunity to manipulate the naive manager. Betty, the vivacious veteran of the full body massage game, Cindy, the adorable immigrant who always manages to get into trouble, and Lea, the beautiful but insecure massage girl with a nipple fetish. A battle wages as Conrad fights for control of the parlour.
Research for the film was spread out over a full year…hey, real investigative journalism takes time. The feature is wrapping up post-production, and Seville Pictures is now the Canadian Distributor for the film.
For a glimpse at “Rub & Tug,” including cast and filmmaker bios, some not-so-sexy film stills and the latest updated news, get cozy with the “Rub & Tug” site.
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