By Mark Bell | January 24, 2007

Hitting the wall, we all do it and the Yarrow, which poor Zack has practically set up residency at in the hallway by the power socket, has finally become too much. Myself, I don’t mind the Yarrow all that much (just don’t mention the internet service), as I’ve found the fish and chips to be absolutely unreal awesome, but he is right about the missing car keys debacle. That about had me losing my cool, and for anyone who knows me, I tend to not hit that level of annoyance.

It was shaping up to be a rough day, even though I know that Zack and I have passed through that level of exhaustion into the realm of power-festivalites where we review to spite anyone who thinks we can’t. Interviews today, screenings… it’s starting to pile up, and I think both of us were hurting with the idea of catching our next flicks. Still, I lucked out in seeing “Eagle vs. Shark,” which wound up being the most pleasant and happy experience I’ve had thus far. Really funny flick, sweet… it’s a gee-medy (my new word for comedies starring geeks or geek-like outcasts, like “Napoleon Dynamite”), and it’s a good one.

Odd coincidence, the film involves a main character dressed up in an eagle costume similar to my eagle hat, making me wonder if I’ve been promoting their film without knowing it… which I’d be cool with since the film didn’t suck. I’m interviewing the director and leads at 6:15pm tonight, and I intend to wear the hat, just to see what happens.

Sundance… we’re almost done…

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