By Barry Robison | January 27, 2002

You thought your family was screwed up? Guess again. A mildly screwed up Ronnie (Adam Scott) lives in the guest house behind his mother’s (Jennifer Darling). Playboys litter Ronnie’s room, and as his co-workers says, he needs a piece of a*s. Sara (Fini Goodman), a patient at the home for the mentally challenged where he works, accidentally escapes. When Ronnie finds Sara in the street, and takes her back to his apartment, it’s not hard to imagine what he has in mind. Imagination is what makes this movie so involving to watch. As each new page turns in the story of Ronnie, my overactive imagination could only see the worst. However, that’s not bad enough, because wen Keith (Mark Pellegrino) gets out of prison a day early, all hell breaks loose.
Fresh out of jail, Keith returns to the home where he, and his father before him, abused his mom, and little brother Ronnie. The father wasn’t all bad though, he did leave his son a cache of firearms. Valuable firearms, as Keith’s coke-dealing friend, Ratt (Matt Casado) wants them. Ratt also has a desire for Keith’s girlfriend Kelly (Aimee Graham). Saying any more about the plot is just spoiling the fun. Marvel at exceptional performances. Cringe and laugh at the tight dialogue. Just go see this movie, even though you’ll want to literally jump into the scene, to smack some sense into people.

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