No, it’s not another living dead movie, but it’s close. It’s “Diamond Dead” and George Romero is directing this band from beyond the grave flick with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” composer, Richard Hartley, supplying the tunes.
Aria De Winter has been enlisted by Death himself to kill 365 people in one year. Hard task? Well, it helps when Aria is planning an historic concert for the Diamond Dead, the world’s most famous underground rock band. It also helps that she’s the ex-girlfriend of the lead singer of the band. It helps even more that the band members have been dead for over a year.
An official “Diamond Dead” website has been set up, which will include a production diary, concept art, music from the film and other behind-the-scenes goodies. Most importantly, visitors of the site will be asked to become involved with several aspects of the film, from casting to story scenarios to location shots.
Check out the “Diamond Dead” website.

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