By Admin | November 1, 2004

In this offbeat comedy directed by Thomas Hayden Church (of “Wings” sitcom fame), the Murphy brothers (Dick, Dink & Dave) inherit a map that their parents, The Hippies Murphy, have left to them. The map is supposed to lead them to a “Magical Forest of Marijuana”, hidden in the plains of Kansas, as part of a ‘60’s U.S. government experiment in hallucinogens.

Eldest brother Dick has problems, between his failing marriage to wife Becky, his failing T-Shirt Shack business, and being harassed by mortgage lenders. He formulates a plan with his brothers and 2 friends, to find the “Magical Forest of Marijuana”, harvest a ton of weed, and sell it to make a fortune. So, with their “shitty car” and “shitty tools”, they set off on the roadtrip of a lifetime.

There are a few funny moments in the film, but overall the humor is definitely geared to the 18-24 male demographic, with plenty of penis humor, gay jokes & a few hotties thrown in for good measure. Rip Torn does an excellent turn as “Oldman”, the guy that eventually leads the crew of misfits to their goal, and the other performances are fairly good too. Look for this film to be showing up on Comedy Central someday soon.

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