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By Film Threat Staff | August 6, 2004

DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK – the three-day rock film and music festival kicks-off on Thursday, August 12 and continues through Sunday, August 15 at the Arclight Cinemas Hollywood and will have live musical performances at Club Lingerie, The El Rey and The Henry Fonda Theatre.
The festival was founded by indie-filmmaker Allison Anders, celebrating the historical rock and roll/cinematic roots of Hollywood, CA through film screenings and music events. This unique film and music festival exists to showcase bold classic films, which embody the “rock-and-roll ” spirit. The focus is to combine a program of past films that were radical in their day and finding new work that embodies that same spirit in form, technique, or content to present a fan-based three-day festival that is entertaining, adventurous, insightful and transcends expectations.
Allison states: states: “We basically created a festival we would love to go to! Seeing rock films with an audience and hearing great bands with a crowd makes me forget the commerce of both industries and celebrates the cooler reasons we work in either film or music. At the core of us all, we’re fans, and that’s really who our festival exists to serve.” She adds: “While last year’s film line up was a broader introduction to the classic rock films, this year’s films, while still encompassing as much of the whole spectrum of rock, honor rock’s roots as well. We have a fantastic blues documentary “YOU SEE ME LAUGHIN” by Mandy Stein and the amazing Loretta Lynn biography “COAL MINERS’ DAUGHTER” by Michael Apted representing hillbilly music. To celebrate the 50th anniversary since Elvis Presley recorded his first song for Sun, we present The King At Lunch: every day at noon you can see Elvis at DKTR! And our opening night film is about Gram Parsons who represents folk, country and rock all in one icon. Tiffany’s music line ups also reflect those who are very well aware of where they came from.”

The rockin’ film line-up includes:
BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (RussMeyer, 1970, 109 minutes)
THE BRIAN EPSTEIN STORY (Anthony Wall, 1988, 140 minutes) *Producer Debbie Geller will be in attendance.
COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER (Michael Apted, 1980, 125 minutes)
CRY BABY! (John Waters, 1990, 85 minutes)
ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS (Denis Sanders, 1970, 94 minutes)
A GIRLS OWN STORY (Jane Campion, 1984, 27 minutes
THE HARDER THEY COME (Perry Henzell, 1973,120 minutes)
THE HOURS AND THE TIMES (Christopher Munch, 1992, 60 minutes) *Filmmaker Christopher Munch will be attending.
JAILHOUSE ROCK (Richard Thorpe, 1957, 96 minutes)
LOVING YOU (Hal kanter, 1957, 101 minutes)
NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS HERE’S THE SEX PISTOLS (Cynthia Gianelli and Paul Allen Newell, 1978, 30 minutes)
RAGE: 20 YEARS OF PUNK ROCK WEST COAST STYLE (Michael Bishop and Scott Jacoby, 2001, 67 minutes) *Filmmaker Michael Bishop will be in attendance.
ROCK BABY: ROCK IT (Murray Douglas Sporup, 1957, 84 minutes)
ROCK THAT UKE (William Preston Robertson and Sean Anderson, 2003*Followed by a performance of many of the rock uke artists featured in the film.
SCHOOL OF ROCK (Richard Linklater, 2003, 108 minutes) *Proceeded by wonderful rock ‘n’ roll cartoons, and special guest host!
Steve Hanft Collection! STRANGE PARALLEL (Steve Hanft, 1999, 30 minutes)
THE T.A.M.I. SHOW (Steve Binder, 1965, 123 minutes) *Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Teen-Age Music International Show!
YOU SEE ME LAUGHIN (Mandy Stein, 2002, 86 minutes) *Director Mandy Stein will attend.
UNKNOWN PASSAGE: THE DEAD MOON STORY (Kate Fix and Jason Summers, 2004, 70 minutes) – Los Angeles Premiere *Filmmakers Kate Fix and Jason Summers and Dead Moon members Andrew Loomis and Fred and Toody Cole will be attending.
YELLOW SUBMARINE (George Dunning, 1968, 85 minutes)
ZACHARIAH (George Englund, 1971, 93 minutes)

For more info, visit the Don’t Knock the Rock website.

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