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By Eric Campos | April 11, 2002

Rarely ever will I admit that the visuals alone successfully carried a narrative film through whatever running time it exists at, mostly because filmmakers can’t pull it off. “Robot Bastard” is a sparkling exception to this rule!
A big, blocky, orange robot is called into duty to save the President’s daughter from the evil Blood Mamba. The robot infiltrates Blood Mamba’s bright, “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” looking space station, it’s own orange brightness blending well with the surroundings. But as soon as it makes it aboard, the robot is faced with an army of gun-toting, slimy, black leather bondage creatures, who are pretty creepy looking already, but are even creepier set against the colorful backdrop of the space station. A marvelously shot gun battle ensues between the robot and the creatures before the mission comes to a close.
Made up of stop motion animation, computer animation, digital effects and brightly colored futuristic sets and costumes, these elements blend together so well that it’s difficult to decipher which is which. “Robot Bastard” exists in its own cinematic world and I want to live there! You will too if you get the good fortune of seeing this spectacular film.

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