By Admin | July 23, 2005

An easy watch that absolutely tears the concept of reality television to pieces in funny mockumentary style! An idiotic young woman only aspires to be a great reality show personality as she has already appeared on other reality TV shows and wants to be on more and more in the future. Her parents met each other and married as a result of being contestants on a dating show back in the 1970s so they are ever so encouraging of her to pursue her reality TV dream. She even goes so far as to say that her ultimate goal is to open up a reality TV school to teach people how to be normal and real.

A pretty funny parody of the silly and overplayed concept of reality television that is taking over ordinary decent viewing! Society seems to enjoy watching people being real, but are forgetting to be real themselves. It is astonishing that someone can achieve celebrity status just for doing nothing but appear on a reality show with not necessarily any talent or skill. Well done and worth every breath of laughter in the ludicrous duplication of our reality TV driven world.

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